Benefits for Neighborhoods, HOAs, and Residential Buildings

Whether your community is a single-family neighborhood, a high-rise building, or a mix of both, the Neighborhood EcoPass provides transit benefits and flexibility for your residents.

  • Connect your neighborhood or property to the entire Denver metro region
  • Provide attractive benefit for current and future residents
  • Enhance community perception and relations
  • Provide an environmental alternative to single occupancy vehicles
  • Reduce parking costs by offering transit as an alternative
  • Flexible cost-sharing options


Benefits for Residents

Whether riding for work or pleasure, the Neighborhood EcoPass connects you to the entire Denver metro region. Reclaim your time, catch up on reading, emails, or take a nap and let us do the driving for you! Share this Fact Sheet with your neighborhood or HOA representative to share all the benefits that the Neighborhood EcoPass provides!

  • Unlimited rides on RTD buses and trains
  • Unlimited rides to and from the airport
  • Reduce parking and commuting costs
  • Reduce your reliability on single occupancy vehicles
  • Connect to the Denver metro region
  • Convenient smart card technology makes riding a breeze
  • No need to carry cash, tap and go with your Neighborhood EcoPass

EcoPass Card Tap

Go cashless!  Just tap and go with your Neighborhood EcoPass!

The Fine Print

Neighborhood EcoPass is not valid for special services, including Access-a-Ride or SeniorRide. To be eligible for the Neighborhood EcoPass program, a neighborhood must be represented by either a county or city government entity, or a registered homeowner association and meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Neighborhood must be located within the Regional Transportation District service area
  • All homes within a specific neighborhood must be included in the contract
  • Residents must be approved by the association and must reside within the specified neighborhood